We assist with termination of all local services and meeting any other departure requirements.

Our Services:

➢ Provide notice to the landlord on termination of lease

➢ Assess termination situation (e.g. “break-lease”) and explore and provide cost savings/optimization options (e.g. re-marketing or negotiated termination with landlord, etc.)

➢ Ensure the property is presentable prior to the property condition check

➢ Support the process of conducting the property condition check-out

➢ Manage the handover of the property to the landlord, including arranging for an inventory clerk to facilitate move-out process

➢ Manage any normal disputes between the tenant and landlord, which do not require escalation to legal counsel

➢ Manage the recovery of the security deposit

➢ Monitor final settlement of accounts

➢ Arrange for utilities to be disconnected

➢ Provide a pre-departure checklist for use by the assignee and family

➢ Assist with closure of bank account

➢ Assist with mail redirection

➢ Assist with termination of club and association memberships




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