The Relocation program is tailor-made and based on the needs analysis forms. This program is designed to help the Assignee and Family settle in and get on with living and working in their new community. The main goal is to expedite the transition so that the Assignee and Family become acclimatised to life in their new home, thereby reducing stress for all concerned. The program consists of several parts and allows for follow-up as necessary. The Company or the Assignee can choose the services to take or can benefit from a discounted packages.

With our Home Search program we assist in sourcing suitable accommodations in accordance with personal preference and corporate policy, facilitate the preparation and signature of an appropriate lease, and manage all move-in formalities. The School Search assists with the objective of identifying suitable local and/or international schools for children to attend in the new location that meet their educational needs.

Orientation program facilitates settlement in the new country. The trip is customized to meet the individual needs of the assignee and his/her family. And Cultural Training helps employees to learn more about the various cultures and business environments in UAE. Ultimately the objective is to create cultural awareness so that the transferees communicate and perform more effectively.



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