The Settling-in program is tailor-made and based on the needs analysis forms. This program is designed to help the Assignee and Family settle in and get on with living and working in their new community. The main goal is to expedite the transition so that the Assignee and Family become acclimatised to life in their new home, thereby reducing stress for all concerned. This program will allow for follow-up as necessary.

The Program:

➢ Review the requirements from the completed needs assessment questionnaire

➢ Provide city orientation

➢ Give neighborhood tour

➢ Shopping orientation (where to purchase groceries, clothes, etc.)

➢ Provide shopping assistance (furniture, appliances, car, etc.)

➢ Provide information on leasing/buying a car

➢ Essential living orientation (doctors, hospitals, public transport, hair dresser, sports activities, child activities, etc.)

➢ Give information on maid services, including nannies, domestic helpers, gardeners

➢ Assist with search for plumbers, electricians, etc.

➢ Advise on home insurance

➢ Conduct cell phone registration

➢ Conduct DEWA registration

➢ Ensure internet connection




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